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Stock Videos and Photography that Makes Any Project Shine

Video.Miami stands out by providing its customers with the largest collection of exclusive HD and 4K stock videos. We provide our clients with multiple kinds of videos, including, corporate, social, promotional and animations. Our location library comprises stock video clips and photography from the following Miami regions:

·        South Beach

·        Miami Beach

·        Downtown

·        Brickell

·        Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

·        Sunny Isles

·        Fort Lauderdale

·        Boca Raton

·        West Palm Beach

·        Singer Island and Rivera Beach

What is Stock Footage?

Stock footage is a piece of video content, inserted into a larger video. As a rule, stock clips are shot with a generic perspective, so that they can fit a wide range of styles and concepts.

Who Can Benefit from Stock Videos?

The need for B-Roll has increased, it's an important tool within the industries of video production, filmmaking, advertising and many more. Stock Videos save time and money for film professionals. Buying a video saves you from shooting a new video yourself. 

Why You Should Choose Our Services

At Video.Miami we provide the highest quality stock videos at great prices. We are excited to help you find or produce visuals for your brand as well as generate creative concepts, develop storyboards, write scripts and identify suitable shooting locations.